Tuckahoe Seafood

Dale Dawson
Teresa Dawson

12056 Cordova Road
Cordova, MD 21625


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When in season. We are happy to special order items!

  • Maryland blue crabs
  • Soft crabs(shed on premises)
  • Oysters in the shell and pint
  • Fresh fish
  • Fresh Maryland crab meat


  • Delicous Maryland vegetable crab soup
  • Shrimp salad
  • Steamed to order shrimp
  • JO seasoning products
  • Frozen fish fillets-swordfish, catfish, flounder, seatrout and local rockfish
  • Clams
  • Crab dip
  • Fresh crabmeat
  • Frozen lobster tails
  • 5lb shrimp cocktail platters
  • Frozen soft crabs, scallops and more.

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We also proudly carry locally made products that include Chapel Cheese, Local Honey, Mark Salter's Eastern Shore Pub Sauce and Chesapeake Bay Bratwursts.

*Please note we cannot accept orders via E-mail, but will be happy to answer any questions or respond to any inquiries. Please allow 3 to 4 business days for a response. (dtmaa@atlanticbb.net)

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